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HookTool - The Ultimate User Mode Win32 API Hooking System

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HookTool Description

HookTool - The Ultimate User Mode Win32 API Hooking System

Provides a method for hooking any Win32 user mode APIs.

Allows hooking to be performed for each running Process as well as in all newly started processes.

Provides a solution to the well-know problem with injecting a DLL by CreateRemotThread API into the address space of a suspended process.

Has gained the reputation as the most complete, stable, and proven Hooking Framework available.
Intercepting Win32 API calls has always been a challenging task for Windows developers. The term Hooking represents a fundamental technique of gaining control over a particular piece of code execution. It provides a straightforward mechanism that can easily alter the operating system's behavior as well as 3rd party products, without having their source code available.

Many Modern systems draw attention to their ability to utilize existing Windows applications by employing spying techniques. A key Motivation for hooking is not only to contribute to advanced functionalities but also to inject user-supplied code for instrumentation and debugging purposes.

Unlike some relatively "old" operating systems like DOS and Windows 3.x, the present Windows OS of NT/2K/XP/2003 and 9x/ME provide sophisticated mechanisms to separate address spaces of each process. This architecture offers real memory protection, thus no application is able to corrupt the address space of another process, or in the worse case even to crash the operating system itself. This fact makes the development of system-aware hooks a lot more difficult.

Our motivation for designing this product was the need for a really robust hooking framework, that will offer an easy to use interface and ability to Capture different APIs. It provides a single solution for hooking Win32 API functions on the NT/2K/XP/2003 Family of Windows.

HookTool Screenshots

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What's New in HookTool 3.6

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HookTool Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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